How to Decide on Shipping or Driving

Couples and families with two vehicles and in the process of relocating must decide between driving both vehicles or driving one and Car Shipping the second one. Taking the time to compare circumstances, costs, and practicality will help ease the decision making. Couples have less to consider. Driving both vehicles is practical if schedules are not aligned. One person may be needed in at the new location sooner than the other person can leave the old location.

Couples who want to travel together will want to take advantage of auto transport for the second car or truck. Select the most comfortable of the two in which to travel and book vehicle shipping for the other one. One person can drive while the other sleeps if the timing is tight. If there is plenty of time, take the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company uninterrupted. Share meals, stop early, relax on one of those days, and splurge on a better hotel than the bargain one.


Traveling in the minivan all together can be wonderful fun or a disaster depending on the length of the trip and the entertainment technology in the vehicle. A mounted DVD screen can make the trip go smoothly. If there is enough room for the kids to spread out, take a nap, or color, the excursion will be cheaper than paying for gas and tolls for two vehicles. It would also save wear and tear on the vehicle booked for Car Shipping.

Another option is to take a train or plane to the destination and book both vehicle for car hauling. Plane or train tickets may be less expensive than gas, meals, and accommodations for the family along the road. The short travel time will give everyone more time to unpack before resuming work and school schedules. Cheap tickets may be available online and make it possible to save a significant amount of money.

Three Step Booking Process

Customers can book Car Shipping services online in three fast and easy steps. The first step consists of filling out a short form to get a car shipping quote, booking the order, and making a deposit. Step two is simply deciding where to have the vehicle picked up and handing over the keys. This is usually at the home of the customer, but the street does need to be wide enough to accommodate a semi-truck. Those who live on narrow roads can arrange to have the car or truck picked up in a parking lot or on the next street over.

The final step occurs at the destination. Pay the driver the remaining portion of the balance and receive a receipt along with your keys. It is important for customers to realize there is a longer wait for enclosed trailer car shipping than when using open-trailer shipping. There are many more open trailers available than enclosed ones. The mode of transport chosen will also affect the quote.

Enclosed Transport

This option is typically selected when it is necessary to ship luxury, customized, collectible, or vintage vehicles. There are loaded using hydraulic lift gates, and drivers have special training carrying valuable vehicles. The cost is nominal compared to what the cargo is worth. Driving or shipping depends on the preference of the owner, the practicality of the decision, and the overall cost.

Those who live for a road trip will need no time to make this decision. Others may want to think about all the options in advance to feel confident about their decision. Any questions or concerns can be addressed through live chat, email, or a telephone call to the experienced transport company, Car Mover Auto Transport. Relocation is a substantial chore, so shipping the vehicle may be helpful.

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