I Got a Good Job Now

I sort of lucked out in a big way, although mostly because this guy I knew was a really big dope. I go out with him drinking and chasing girls all the time and one day after drinking I heard his boss fire him from his job because he was not doing AC installation in Queens. I got washed up and went down there to apply for the job. The guy laughed when he realized how I knew that there was a job to be had there. He had not put out an ad and figured that he would give me a try I guess. At any rate I have been working close to sixty hours a week, they are trying to finish up this huge project on time. Apparently they agreed to pay a penalty if they did not finish the job on time, it is this big luxury apartment building and I have been doing a lot of dragging stuff up the stairs. The elevators are working, but they have not been inspected they claim and so they will not let us use them. I sort of think they do not want us using them in our work boots.

At any rate the pay is awesome compared to what I was making and it does not seem to interfere with my school work so far. I can catch up on the weekends what I can not do at night. Of course I have no time for chasing girls and drinking beer, but that is fine with me. I am saving all of the money for now. I am hoping to get enough to buy myself a car or maybe a pick up truck by the time that they let us go back on campus. That probably will not be until the Fall I suppose.