Party Time on the Water

Last year a miracle happened to me. I played the lottery on a whim and won the big jackpot. I always had the dream of owning my own yacht, so I used some of my lottery winnings to buy one. I wanted to take my family and friends on a cruise in the yacht, but I didn’t have a crew to serve everyone on board. In order to solve this problem, I got in touch with the SuperYacht Crew Agency, as I learned from some searching on the Internet that they have good crews for hire.

The agency provided me with some skilled crew workers who could handle everything from serving guests drinks to making sure that everyone was comfortable. My family and friends were surprised to see that I was able to get a yacht with a full crew on it. My great aunt was worried that with so many people on the boat, we were going to have some kind of accident, like with the Titanic, or maybe like on Giligan’s Island. She especially loves to watch that show and she thinks about what would happen if she were stranded on a desert island all the time. I had to assure her multiple times that nothing would go wrong.

While sailing on the yacht, my family and friends partied, danced, and had a lot to drink. Surprisingly, no one got seasick from all of the alcohol and food they consumed. We were on the yacht for many hours and didn’t get back to the docks until it was almost time for the sun to set completely. Everyone had a lot of fun and wondered when we would have the next yacht party. I’m thinking of having my next party a few months from now when the weather gets a little warmer.