Business Courses for Life-Long Learners

The Mini-MBA offers courses for students and anyone who wants to gain more knowledge on certain subjects. The subjects they offer are on management, strategy, and how to be a leader. They teach people about what makes a business run smoothly. They offer lifelong learning courses and certificate courses for the public. The courses have video lessons. The courses are broken up into modules. For example, module one, two, etc. Along with the video lessons, the site has downloadable worksheets for students to do. The site also has workflow resources. These sources include reading lists, meeting quality worksheets, and projects.

The Mini-MBA was founded in 2007. Their goal is to give the latest information about the business world. their site also teaches the public how to start their own businesses. By offering these courses, they are combating poverty. They are working with churches and charity organizations to help people live stable, healthy, lives. The site also works with individuals from different business schools to provide the courses. Without this site, People who cannot afford to take out a loan for school would not get good quality content on how a business works. It is a good resource if you can afford to pay for the classes. Mini-MBA has a 199 euros fee. In USD that is $235.66 for a yearly subscription. Many are out of work due to our health crisis so some may be able to use it and others might not be able to. During this pandemic, the price should be a reasonable price for everyone. With this resource, people will be able to become certified in what they would like to do for a job. It is hard to find a job just coming out of high school or when some retirees have to work because their retirement savings are running low.